摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

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最佳答案 Earlier 本星期 we covered the 摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch in London with a 即时博客 并讨论了帖子中发布的内容

Earlier 本星期 we covered the 摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch in London with a 即时博客 并讨论了帖子中发布的内容 本星期’的轻科技播客.

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

Moto Trinity 2015

Lets look at the three products 摩托罗拉 launched in a bit more detail.

Moto X风格

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

摩托罗拉’s new flagship. The Moto X风格 is a refinement of the Moto X product formula, offering a high build quality, snappy and smooth user experience and running an almost Google experience 安卓系统. The design language of the hardware has been tweaked slightly, cameras and chipsets have been improved. The Moto Maker device customisation has been iterated upon with new materials and options. All round a big improvement, and with the Moto X风格 the 摩托罗拉 flagship also has storage expansion.


5.7″ 1440×2560 screen六核高通Snapdragon 808芯片组16/32 / 64GB存储空间可通过MicroSD扩展至128GB3GB RAM安卓系统 5.1.121MP相机,带双LED(双音)闪光灯/ 5MP前置自拍相机不可拆卸的3000 mAh电池

One of the things you notice while holding the Moto X风格 is how relatively easy it is to hold despite the relatively large screen. The screen to body ratio is 74.9%, which is relatively high. Just as with previous 摩托罗拉 devices, the curved back makes it easy to cradle in your hand and the new silicon backs give you a reassuring feeling you are not going to drop the device.

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

默认/底衬材料是新的波纹状硅树脂,摩托罗拉声称该材料会优雅地穿着,而不会变色和容易刮擦。 Moto Maker为您提供了自定义装饰颜色,正面颜色,背面颜色/材料的机会,甚至可以在背面刻上一条小消息。当您考虑自定义选项(包括木材和高级皮革)时,可以有300多种组合。当我发现没有模拟飞行选项时,我的衷心沉没了一点,但我希望明年仍然活着…

As mentioned earlier, the software is an almost Google experience of 安卓系统. Only a few icons have been customised, and the few software additions 摩托罗拉 have added are mainly utilities which add value to the device.

Moto X风格上的相机为21MP,在弱光下表现出色。虽然纸上没有OIS,但软件调整使缺少功能的问题减少了。在发布会上,我们被允许在弱光条件下对摄像机进行现场测试,并与竞争对手进行比较。整体Moto设备做得很好,并且那些测试环境还突出显示了设备屏幕的质量。正如您所期望的那样,视频录制最高可达到4k。

While using the device I noticed no lags or slowdowns. The Qualcomm hexa-core Snapdgragon chipset keeps things ticking over smoothly coupled with the 3GB RAM, and most consumers will not notice the lack of a couple of cores while benefiting from improved battery life. Fast charging is an option on the Moto X风格. Again, as 摩托罗拉 have done in previous iterations of the Moto X, the flagship experience is delivered while not competing on spec sheet alone.

Moto X风格将于2015年9月发售,价格预计约为400英镑(含增值税),具体取决于Moto Maker中选择的自定义选项。

Moto X Play

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

Moto X Play是发布之前很少有人期待的中端旗舰产品。与Moto X Style相比,它处于较低的定价层,可提供出色的价值主张,同时满足大多数用户的需求。


5.5″ 1920×1080 screen八核高通Snapdragon 615芯片组16 / 32GB存储空间可通过MicroSD扩展至128GB2GB RAM安卓系统 5.1.121MP相机,带双LED(双音)闪光灯/ 5MP前置自拍相机不可拆卸的3630 mAh电池

Moto X Play是Moto X风格的一个更易于处理且更块化的同级产品。 5.5″fullHD屏幕的边框与Moto X Style相似,背面的弧度稍厚,以便容纳更大的电池。使用您不使用的Moto X Play’请注意,该设备在运行速度较慢且功能较低的芯片组上运行。 Snapdragon 615在Moto X Play内部运行仓鼠轮子的唯一真实指示器是该设备可以’无法录制4K视频,但大多数用户赢得了’真的注意到这一点。

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

与Moto X Style一样,Moto Maker将可用于Moto X Play,并且软件体验是相同的。 Moto X Play也提供快速充电功能。

Moto X Play预计将于2015年8月开始销售,价格约为300英镑(含增值税),具体取决于Moto Maker的定制情况。

Moto G第三代

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

The Moto G product category has been a winner for 摩托罗拉 since late 2013. Now the third generation has been launched and is on sale, 摩托罗拉 have iterated on their winning formula with some relatively big changes in terms of customer choices offered.


5″ 1280×720 screen四核Qualcomm Snapdragon 410芯片组8 / 16GB存储空间可通过MicroSD扩展至32GB1GB(8GB)/ 2GB(16GB)的RAM安卓系统 5.1.1带有双LED(双音)闪光灯的13MP相机/ 5MP前置自拍相机不可拆卸的24700 mAh电池

第三代Moto G现在已通过IPX7认证:这意味着它可以在水下1米处长达30分钟。您可以将其从水中取出,擦拭干净并开始使用。新型Moto G使用与Moto X Style and Play相同的硬件设计语言。与以前的Moto G相对较滑的塑料相比,硅衬板有了很大的改进。

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch


专注于细节且注重细节的读者会注意到,就存储和RAM选项而言,规格表中有些时髦。是的,Moto G现在有两种不同的基本SKU。在共享同一芯片组的同时,8GB存储版本带有1GB RAM。 16GB版本具有2GB RAM。使用MicroSD,8 GB和16GB SKU(库存单位)均可扩展到32GB。产品在此领域的更多选择使用户可以选择Moto G来更紧密地满足他们的需求。一位消费者正在寻找“toaster”(可以胜任工作的智能手机’(一生)对8GB SKU感到满意,而生活在移动设备中的消费者可能更喜欢16GB SKU提供的更高性能。

Moto G公告最大的一部分是,Moto Maker现在可用于第三代MotoG。事实是,凭借300多种规格,背景和颜色组合,这是市场中低端市场中的第一项。 Moto G上的所有后部选件都是可更换的(与Moto X Style和Moto X Play不同),并且只要正确固定即可,所有选件都可以保证IPX7认证。亚马逊和摩托罗拉都已经出售了各种颜色的后备背板,因此与您的鞋子/手提包/汽车/政治派别的配饰很容易。在英国,直到今年下半年为止,Moto G的Moto Maker都是“三英国”专用。您可以从网上或商店中的Three获得合同中的Moto G第三代产品,并且在结帐时会收到一个免除设备价格的代码。来自Moto Maker的在线订单的交货时间预计最多为10天。

摩托罗拉 Triple Product Launch

The Moto G第三代 also makes a major improvement in the camera department. The same sensor which is in the 摩托罗拉 built Nexus 6 is in the Moto G第三代. Optical image stabilisation is not present, however the lense has been improved. Keep an eye out on my upcoming review of the Moto G第三代 for sample shots and my thoughts on the camera.


摩托罗拉 have strengthened their product portfolio considerably with the triple launch 本星期. Splitting the Moto X into two tiers is a great way to cover two different market segments while offering a consistent software and hardware experience. The Moto G does the same in a more subtle way, while making Moto Maker customisation in an affordable option. The winning product formula is strengthened by the commitment to have a Google-like 安卓系统 experience on some excellent value hardware.

The slick presentation, delivered from three locations around the globe (London, Sao Paolo and New York), was impressive, and the hands on area event attendees used after the announcements was excellent. 摩托罗拉’市场部应该拍拍背面,并为此提供一个轻巧的盒子(从我那’s a compliment).

Expect to see 摩托罗拉 continue to gain market share and be loved by consumers. They are already winning back love from the original Razr days, and as part of Lenovorola their path seems to lead to a bright future. This is also testament to how 安卓系统 is now a dominant and democratising mobile platform, allowing companies like 摩托罗拉 to come back from semi-obscurity.