LG G3变种似乎即将到来

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最佳答案 LG G3是目前谈论城市的话题,人们终于可以开始购买它了,并决定是否要& 8217;是年度最佳手机。一世& 8217;目前,我们已经获得了我的认

LG G3变种似乎即将到来
LG G3是目前谈论城市的话题,人们终于可以开始购买它了,并决定是否要’是年度最佳手机。一世’目前,我们已经获得了我的认可,评论将很快到来,但是似乎G3的某些变体即将面世。 LG似乎已经从三星的书中摘下了叶子,打算发行一部“Prime”版本以及较低规格的版本。毫无疑问,这将具有出色/创新/独特/奇特的后部按钮。
LG G3变种似乎即将到来

First of all and possibly the most excitingly LG seem to be going to release a 主要 version of the G3 with a SnapDragon 805 processor. Which has apparently received certification from the Bluetooth SIG to allow it to go on sale. It is thought though that it will only be available in Korea, which again is a similar move to Samsung. Whether this a device to compete with the equally as high spec Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A remains to be seen. The LG G3 主要 will have a model number of F460S.

第二个谣传的设备有点令人兴奋。这次信息已在LG网站上发现,详细介绍了称为LG G3触控笔(LG D693)的设备。该变体将是较低规格,分辨率为540 x 960(另一个qHD)。尚未发现有关该设备的其他详细信息。

What with the LG G3, the LG G3 Mini, the LG Stylus, the G3 主要 and the G Flex 2 LG are heading down a path that could be problematic. Too many devices will cause delays in updating them all and LG haven’无论如何,它没有获得最好的成绩。他们可能会证明我错了,并且在更新过程中走了弯路。

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